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Beb REYNOL - Photojournalist

Beb REYNOL, photojournalist.

Freelance photojournalist, Seattle, New York, Paris. Available for assignments worldwide. If you are interested in licensing images, commissioning a project, or collaborating with an NGO, please contact us with your specific requirements.

Beb REYNOL is a documentary photographer and a photojournalist focusing on sociocultural and political stories. On assignments in Afghanistan, Beb walked across the border from Pakistan to work alongside Afghan photojournalists for AINA Media, a French NGO contributing to independent media development.

He trained local photographers with a UNICEF anti-child-labor photo campaign while he created a photo documentary titled Forced Destiny. The photo reportage garnered him international media attention, including being featured in a Canadian national broadcasting television program for Radio-Canada. Beb also collaborated with Afghanistan Development & Peace Research Organization (ADPRO) in Kabul where he continues to work in the education of Afghan photojournalists.

In 1999, Beb lived with a pro-Taliban family in remote Pakistan in the Swat Valley where he documented the ethnic Pashtun. He met and interviewed Mullahs in madrassas, repeatedly crossing the border into Afghanistan through the mountainous Himalayan chain, on foot.

Beb REYNOL is an associate member of the Center for Afghanistan Studies, a branch of the University of Nebraska at Omaha and where he has received significant endorsements for his project Forbidden Faces and where he draws support for the development of new initiatives for the Kabul Photojournalism Mentorship, a program he is structuring and teaching in Kabul, the first of its kind in Afghanistan..

Beb expended his work to China and parts of Africa including Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. Collaborating with international NGO's and photographic institutions such as the International Center of Photography in New York City, coordinating guest-speakers of humanitarian leaders from the Unicef, Doctors Without Borders (MSF), the International Rescue Comity (IRC), and other partners. .

Very resourceful to many internationally bound photographers, his experiences and practices are shared through lectures and portfolio reviews. Guided photographic expeditions to Afghanistan are tailored for photographers open to adventure. Workshops on the practice of the photo storytelling and portraiture accept students and travellers of all level for 10 days in Rwanda.

Workshops and tours - Rwanda

A female worker harvests tea leaves - Kitabi, Rwanda.

"I spent three days at the highest cultivated land of Rwanda, following trails taken by many farmers who travel to work for the largest tea plantation in the region, a surreal landscape carved by steep hills and irrigated plateaus on the edge of the vast untouched tropical rainforest, the Nyungwe National Forest. The tea industry in Rwanda has become an essential assets in its economy and in the survival of locally but remote rural life which, women play an important role."

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