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Delta Geographic Photo Expedions
Delta Geographic Photo Expedions

Inspiring Social Change
through guided missions

We work to educate and inspire social change. Our photographic projects raise awareness on population confronted to exclusion, censure and cultural change while promoting guided missions to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Become a global advocate while discovering a unique and changing world. Into a journey along the Silk Road, engage your sense of adventure and raise awareness about endangered cultures and social concerns while gaining the skills you need to create compelling photographs. In remote mountain regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan, connect with isolated ethnic tribes.

Within the folds of the Hindu Kush Mountains of Pakistan's Northwest Frontier Province, lives one of the world's last surviving ancient cultures, whose origin is still an enigma. On this inspiring journey exploring through remote mountain ranges, discover the uniqueness of an endangered culture of the last remaining non-Muslim indigenous tribe of the Hindu kush.

Afghanistan's impressive landscape and tribal culture represent a unique journey. Safely located in the Hindu Kush mountain region, in the Bamiyan Valley, a winning road leads to the world - once - tallest Buddha Statues, destroyed by the Taliban in 2001, leaving behind the still very impressive niches and caves.

Landlocked into the lush Valley of Bamiyan that is called Hazarajat, the Hazaras, an ethnic descant of the ancient Mongols who once invaded Afghanistan in the 13th century, represent a fascinating cultural minority of Central Asia.

These guided missions are open to all who wants to step back in time while be given the opportunity to understand social and cultural issues beyond the media's platform. Beb C. Reynol is a documentary photographer based in the US. His experience in the region and his valuable contacts of local photographers and organizations is a valuable resource for a safe and unique photographic journey within the reach what is possible. Everything is possible!

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Documentary Photographer

Delta Geographic Photo Expeditions

Documentary photographer Beb C. Reynol has produced several stories and photo essays in the regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. He documented bonded labor at brick factories in Peshawar, the refugee camps in the Swat Valley and interviewed Mullahs in madressas while being hosted with a pro-Taliban family. On foot, he crossed the border that separates Pakistan from Afghanistan and covered the aftermath of Afghanistan's long isolation and destruction from a continuing two decades of war.

An experienced traveler, Beb managed to hitchhike across both ends of the US before his interests lead him to the mountainous regions of the Hindu Kush in South and Central Asia . Since 1999, Beb has repetitively returned to live and work across remote locations in both countries, making on the way valuable and trusted connections.