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Explore a culture where women dominate our stories.

Ranked as one of the safest countries in Africa, Rwanda is building its future driven by gender equality.

Despite the challenges in educating a very young nation through out its dominating rural and patriarchal land, perhaps one of the high points in Rwanda’s successful stories are how women have been understood as major key players in social change by taking a leading role in various domain including the labor force.

Marie-Jeanne and her twin daughters live in a modest one-room mud house in western Rwanda. A single mother and a victim of the genocide that swept the country in 1994, she opened her door to us during the workshop and told of a remarkable story of survival and generosity, subsequently revealing her daily life in giving anything she earns as a farmer to educate her daughters who dream to become doctors.

The workshop takes us into the engaging process of the visual storytelling while we step into the lives of working communities from the street-maze built on hillside of Kigali to remote regions surrounded by terraced hills and lakes, initiating a dialogue with women like Marie-Jeanne and others who are empowered by will and determination.

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Born and raised in France, Beb REYNOL is a documentary photographer and a photojournalist focusing on social-cultural issues. He covered stories of insect hunters, following their footsteps into the heart of the uncharted Amazonian forest of French Guyana; he managed to hitch hike through the whole distance west-east coast length of the U.S before embarking into a long journey through Pakistan and Afghanistan, crossing their borders on foot to meet remote Pashtuns.

Since 1999, Beb has worked alongside photographers and photojournalists around the world contributing to their education and in the development of independent media. His contribution as a photojournalist and educator on the field led him to the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York where he has conducted multiple workshops focusing on the visual storytelling and photojournalism in the context of social change, coordinating leading guest-speakers from the UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

On his latest work, Beb covered the remote and rural regions of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. He has been opening new leads in photography workshops in Rwanda focusing on the visual storytelling while creating an exciting learning experience. Collaborating with local partners, these workshops have been designed to fit all photography levels, and travellers alike.

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January 19-28, 2018
Deadline for reservation:
December 19, 2017

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Marie-Jeanne and her twin daughters - Rwanda / Copyrighted Beb REYNOL / DELTA GEOGRAPHIC


May 19-28, 2018
Deadline for reservation:
April, 2018

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Price is per person, double occupancy. For a single room, add $400. International airfare to/from Rwanda is not included in the workshop cost.


The workshop requires some walking. We have a lot to discover and the mountains that shape the land are all around us. A pair of walking shoes will suffice to tackle the capital's hills and mountain villages. After dinner, we review the photos taken, discuss on what we have learned and develop our skills - all this work done in a relaxed atmostphere.


Prices includes all lodging, local transportation, and meals. You will be greeted at the Kigali international airport and transported to our beautiful guest-house in Kigali, and we will take care of your departure in the same fashion.

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A visa is required to enter Rwanda and are easy to obtain and inexpensive. For those interested in continuing the adventure and visit the two other East African countries - Kenya and Uganda, a East African visa is required and allows multiple entries for all three countries.

Vaccination for the Yellow Fever is required to enter Rwanda. For all those with a fragile stomach, the food in Rwanda is absolutely clean and delicious with ample choices on vegeterian meals. The guesthouses listed on this website represent some of the best local and Western cuisine.

All students and travellers taking this workshop or tour will sign an Accident Waiver & Release of Liability Form, and a Contract providing assurance of services mentioned on this website, along with their full payment.


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1. Lonely Planet provides an easy insurance package for the time of your travels.
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