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Reynol C. Beb

Reynol C. Beb, photographer.

Freelance photographer, Seattle, New York, Paris. Available for assignments worldwide. If you are interested in licensing images, commissioning a project, or collaborating with an NGO, please contact us with your specific requirements.

Delta Geographic Expeditions

Photographic Expeditions

We work to educate and inspire social change. Our photographic projects raise awareness on population confronted to exclusion, censure and cultural change while promoting guided missions to Afghanistan and Pakistan for photographers.

You are a photographer and you are interested in going to exclusive locations in Afghanistan or Pakistan? You want to explore and meet with remote ethnic groups and villages along the silk route from Pakistan to Afghanistan?

Beb REYNOL is a documentary photographer and a photojournalist working on assignments and photographic projects based on social-cultural issues. He focused his work in the remote regions of South and Central Asia, crossing borders that separate Pakistan from Afghanistan. Starting in 1999, Beb divided his time between Peshawar in the Swat valleys, where he discovered the ethnic tribe of the Pashtuns, and Afghanistan. Drawn by their unique and complex social identity and the dominating influence their culture implant over the Hindu Kush, he lived with a pro-Taliban family, documenting lives across remote and isolated mountainous villages. He met and interviewed Mullahs in their madrassas, repeatedly crossing the border into Afghanistan through the mountainous Himalayan chain, on foot.

Beginning 2003, Beb started working with Afghan photojournalists for AINA Media in Kabul, a French NGO working on contributing to the reconstruction of freedom of expression through education and independent media development. He trained, coordinated and assisted the photographers-in-training with a UNICEF anti-child-labor marketing photo project. Meanwhile, he produced a photo documentary titled Forced Destiny. This photo reportage garnered him international media attention, including being featured in a Canadian national broadcasting television program for Radio-Canada and led to being awarded several high-profile grants.

Beb REYNOL is currently collaborating with the University of Nebraska, at the Center for Afghanistan Studies. The project Forbidden Faces has received a significant endorsement from the Center for Afghanistan Studies which has provided national and international leadership in promoting collaborative programming related to Afghanistan.

Beb expended his work to China and parts of Africa including Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. Collaborating with international NGO's and photographic institutions such as the Maine Media Workshops and the International Center of Photography in New York City, his influence in the photographic platform of journalism continues to benefit photographers worldwide.

Delta Geographic

Delta Geographic is a photographic channel, which in all great honesty, aims to reflect on what is going on around the world today.

Beb has been a resourceful aid to many internationally bound photographers about his approach while sharing his experience through lectures, workshops and portfolio reviews. Through Delta Geographic, Beb leads guided photographic missions to parts of Afghanistan for photographers eager to see beyond the possible, and workshops on the practice of the photo storytelling and portraiture in Rwanda. Contact us.

Reportage Pakistan

A female worker returns from crop harvesting - Byumba, Rwanda.

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